• Automatically create mobile websites
    • Generate SMS text codes for detailed descriptions of any item
    • Seamlessly generate a QR code that links to the mobile website
    • Full analytics to provide proof of effectiveness
    EZAdsPro Connect allows you to create QR and SMS text codes for your listings through one easy-to-use interface. These codes are automatically generated through the Connect system and are tied into the entire Advertising Platform — which means, everything is updated in real time. This groundbreaking technology allows you instantly connect with consumers, putting your inventory in the palm of their hands.

    How do we do this? It’s easy! Simply tell EZAdsPro Publisher the which, what and where: which code you want to use, what inventory you want to promote and where you want the readers to go. All codes are tracked and reported with the built-in EZAdsPro Analytics.

    If you’re interested in using Connect without Publisher, we can do that too! We’ll generate QR and SMS text codes for you, and you can add them to your listings.

    QR codes and MS Tags direct consumers to a mobile website. This can be a microsite for an inventory item (such as a property or a car) or a branded mobile website (like a dealership, agency, newspaper, etc.). The codes are automatically generated and can be placed either on each inventory item or one per ad.

    SMS text codes allow readers to receive a text message with the basic information for an inventory item, plus, you can include a web link for a more detailed description. How it works: We automatically generate the SMS codes through our program, which you can place in your listing. Once a consumer texts a code to our SMS response number, they’ll receive a text with the information. At the same time, the advertiser will receive an email notification that someone has requested details on that particular inventory item with the readers’ phone number attached. This gives you detailed analytics — and a hot lead — in real time.

    EZAdsPro Connect is more than just a mobile solution; we want you to connect with consumers on all levels. Which is why with this package, you can also include embedded, clickable links in the PDFs generated by EZAdsPro Publisher. These links can direct the reader to any website you choose, including:

    • An advertiser’s website
    • An inventory page on the advertiser’s website
    • The advertiser’s Facebook page, with the aid of EZAdsPro Social
    • The advertiser’s Twitter feed, with the aid of EZAdsPro Social
    • A mobile search site hosted on EZAdsPro Portal