• A white-label platform that allows you to preserve your brand identity
    • A low-cost solution for a complete mobile application
    • Customers get instant access to your inventory anytime, anywhere
    • Ability to push notifications to potential clients
    EZAdsPro Mobile offers you the ability to have a personalized, branded mobile app for the most popular mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android-based phones and tablets, and Blackberry phones. These apps are not merely “optimized for mobile” web portals, instead, they’re installable applications found in app stores. This is a low-cost solution for owning your own web portal. It can be fully branded to any media outlet, agency, brokerage, dealership or company, allowing you to secure either your, or your client’s, brand identity. With EZAdsPro Mobile, customers will have instant access to your inventory anytime, anywhere.

    Along with extensive search options, EZAdsPro Mobile apps gives your clients the ability to create an account and save both their searches and favorite listings. This is a wonderful marketing opportunity for you, as you’ll then be able to push out targeted notifications based on their interests. Do you have a new item that fits their search? Let them know! This is also a great way to push out new promotions or discounts.

    Invest in yourself, invest in EZAdsPro Mobile and demonstrate that you’re willing to invest in the future. What’s more? We’ll track every view, search and click within your branded mobile app, and give you complete analytics through the built-in EZAdsPro Analytics reporting system.

    Want to try it? Just point your QR Code Reader at the right code for you: