• Automatically create mobile websites
    • Generate SMS text codes for detailed descriptions of any item
    • Seamlessly generate a QR code that links to the mobile website
    • Full analytics to provide proof of effectiveness
    Stock Control

    • Data can be imported through our Black Box technology or added manually
    • Stock can be edited or deleted
    • Spreadsheet like interface for quick searches and updates
    • Stock items can be tweeted, posted to Facebook or posted to Google+ at the click of a button
    • App users can be sent notification messages about stock items
    • Instant QR code generation for stock items
    • Instant SMS code generation for stock items

    App Centre

    • Easy iPhone and Android app submission
    • Complete control over which groups of stock items appear in your apps


    • Customize the branding of stock items for apps, sms items, stock information pages etc
    • Parameters such as logo, brand name, website, email, phone number can be adjusted

    Twitter Lead Generator

    • Connect with Twitter users looking to buy, sell or rent property
    • Follow, tweet, retweet, message or view these Twitter users
    • Find the latest followers of any given twitter user e.g. Rightmove, and interact with them
    • Save your favorite searches and get sent daily automated emails containing the newest users matching these parameters

    Account Information

    • Summary page of your stock, groups, data feeds, apps, Facebook pages and login access

    Access Log

    • Track all activity of Connect users you have created from login access to stock activity
    • Sortable over date ranges, usernames and other search parameters
    • IP addresses tracked of every event

    User Accounts

    • Create, edit and delete Connect users
    • Determine what permissions users have e.g. can delete stock, can see access log
    • Set which groups of stock items given users can interact with