The EZAdsPro Advertising Platform helps you create a comprehensive advertising campaign. We’ve automated the ad creation process; in mere minutes you can create vibrant, print-ready display ads. What’s more, you can enhance your listings with SMS text codes, QR codes, mobile applications and integrate with two social media giants, Facebook and Twitter. With EZAdsPro, your listings will be in the hands of consumers everywhere.

    The major benefit of the EZAdsPro Advertising Platform is ability to produce branded ads on a variety of platforms from one easy to use, cohesive interface. You can import data from almost any system, whether it resides online, on an FTP server or in The Cloud. Due to the comprehensive data aggregation and tracking tool, you’ll receive detailed analytics from all of the components in the Advertising Platform.

    EZAdsPro publisher is an online self-service program that allows the user to produce dynamic ads through one easy-to-use interface. Perfect for niche publications, display ads, classified liner ads and more, EZAdsPro Publisher streamlines the ad creation process. Advertisers have greater control over their ads, and you’ll have the efficiency and flexibility that comes with a reverse-publishing system.
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    EZAdsPro Connect gives consumers the freedom to search for cars, houses or any inventory from their mobile phones with QR codes and SMS text codes automatically generated through Connect. QR codes direct consumers to an online version of the inventory or a website, while SMS codes allow readers to receive a text message with basic inventory information and a link to a more detailed description. At the same time, the advertiser receives an email notification that someone is interested in a specific product. EZAdsPro Connect is fully tracked and recorded so it can be reported through the EZAdsPro Analytics package.
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    EZAdsPro Social allows you to publish your listings to two social media giants, Facebook and Twitter. With a combined audience of over 800 million users worldwide, this is an unparalleled marketing opportunity to any savvy dealer. Social gives you the opportunity to offer your clients a dynamic search portal on Facebook. It’s easy to set up and requires no maintenance once it’s in place. Facebook becomes an effective marketing tool for your entire inventory and enables Facebook users simple yet powerful access. The built-in Twitter functionality built allows users to keep their followers up to date with the most interesting inventory items.
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    EZAdsPro Mobile offers you a collection of native apps for the most popular mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android-based phones and tablets and Blackberry Phones. These apps are not merely “optimized for mobile” web portals, instead, they’re installable applications found in app stores. This is a low-cost solution for owning your own web portal. It can be fully branded to any company, organization or individual, allowing you, or your clients, to secure your brand identity. With EZAdsPro Mobile, customers will have instant access to your inventory at anytime, from anywhere. Invest in yourself, invest in EZAdsPro Mobile, and demonstrate that you are invested in the future.
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    The EZAdsPro Portal allows you to create fully customizable and brandable web portals, or microsites, for any inventory item, publication, publisher group, agent, dealer, etc. It can be integrated to the EZAdsPro Connect software, giving direct access to the websites via QR Codes, MS Tags and SMS Messages.
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