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Drag and Drop provide an excellent level of service and the team are always on-hand to help with any queries — remaining level-headed when an issue arises, to ensure it is dealt with efficiently. The software they provide has allowed us to create a central system for property advertising to maintain brand quality across the UK offices — whilst allowing some degree of flexibility to accommodate the different needs and requirements of over 75 offices. Thank you to all at Drag and Drop for their assistance in producing our tailored system.

Kind regards

Laura Clarke BCOM (Hons) DipM MCIM
Associate Director
National Residential Agency Marketing

Leighton Jones, Group Print Director, Newsquest

Drag and Drop provide a single property solution for the Newsquest Media Group with their range of EzAds products. So, whether our customers want their relationships to be via mobile, publish or social platforms, we have a solution for them and a “mix and match” approach that satisfies each of them.

For Newsquest, quality is an integral part of our process and we always aim to exceed the expectations of thousands of our customers. Drag and Drop have supported us throughout the entire execution of this project so we are able to deliver on time every time

Drag and Drop took the time to understand our objectives and more importantly to understand the customers’ needs; they supported us in our aim to deliver nothing less than the best service, with training support, technical enhancements and analytical reporting solutions; they continue to support us through industry innovation and a technical awareness that allows us to benefit from that innovation.

The strength of the technical platform doesn’t just deliver “A” solution; it delivers “THE” solution.